The saunarium is located in the intimate Relaxation Zone and includes:
  • dry sauna
  • steam
  • shower
  • heated loungers

We provide:

  •  pareo, towel and slippers
  • there is always an unlimited amount of fresh water and wellness tea available
We offer:
Standard sesion
Use of the zone together with other guests.
Duration: 55/85 min.; Price: 60/90 PLN *
* its free for guests of the 5 star part of the NIEBIESKI ART&SPA Hotel
VIP sesion
Renting the zone exclusively, enriched with additions in the form of fresh fruit platters and a toast with a glass of champagne (or alcohol-free drink)
Duration: 55 min.; Price: 150 PLN
(The price varies depending on the number of people renting out: 1 person PLN 150, 2 people PLN 240, 3 and more people PLN 300+)


Your stay in the Relaxation Zone can be extended with care in a steam bath - to be done by yourself:



Intensive Face Treatment

The skin becomes soft in high temperature and humidity. The pores open up, which facilitates their cleansing, but also the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. The cleansing product, mask and cream are matched to the individual needs of the skin to give the best effect.

Price: 60 PLN


Intensive Therapy – Hair Mask

High temperature and high humidity open hair cuticles to the reception of active ingredients. A cleansing shampoo and / or scalp scrub and a mask rich in ingredients are matched to the individual needs of the hair to give the best end result.

Price: 60 PLN


Intensive Body Smoothing Therapy

100% natural peeling created for the individual needs of the body's skin cleans it, removes calloused cells, smoothes, moisturizes and stimulates blood circulation.

Price: 80 60 PLN