Treatments for Pregnant Women




- Ladies between 14th and 30th week of pregnancy are welcomed for treatments,

- We require a medical certificate from the doctor about the health conditions of pregnant women, course of pregnancy, and that there are no contraindications to treatments, from the last visit at the doctor

Contraindications to treatments for pregnant women:

  • abnormal pregnancy – urogenital dysfunction,
  • abnormal fetal development,
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  •  gestational diabetes,
  •  pancreatitis,
  •  glomerulonephritis,
  •  pyelonephritis,
  • acute renal failure,
  • kidney stones,
  • diabetic nephropathy,
  • congenital kidney development,
  • gestosis,
  •  preeclampsia,
  • eclampsia,
  • anemia,
  • hemorrhagic diathesis vascular, plasma, platelet-derived,
  •  leukemia,
  •  hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism,
  • hyperthyroidism and hypoparathyroidism.


Face treatments for pregnant women:

Regenerating Treatment with Snail Extract

Safe, natural and effective treatment with snail extract.

Duration: 25/55 min; Price: PLN 150/280


Ritual Facial Massage

A holistic massage of face, head and neck combined with the nourishing effects of oils and relaxing sound of Shanti bells.

Duration: 25 min; Price: PLN 130


Body treatments for pregnant women:


Relaxing Feet Bath

Exclusive feet bath and peeling followed by a massage remove fatigue and increase the positive flow of the energy in the body. This bath perfectly cleanses and nourishes the dry feet skin.

Duration: 45 min; Price: PLN 160


Jojoba Ritual

The Jojoba Bio oil is a powerful antioxidant. It moisturizes and softens dry skin, and soothes irritation and inflammation. A relaxing massage is preceded by a body peeling. The ritual may be extended with a light kaolin mask which will sooth and calm the skin and supplement it with minerals. The ritual may be performed on the Madeira bed, which allows you to benefit from steam sauna and chromotherapy during this treatment.

Duration: 55 min; Price: PLN 250


Argan Ritual

This rejuvenating ritual combined with a peeling is based on precious Argan Bio Oil which is also known as the elixir of youth. It contains antioxidants and vitamin E which counteract the ageing of the skin, and unsaturated fatty acids restore its protective barrier. The ritual may be extended with a revitalizing body mask. The ritual may be performed on the Madeira bed, which allows you to benefit from steam sauna and chromotherapy during this treatment.

Duration: 55 min; Price: PLN 290


Massage of the pregnant woman

Massage individually tailored to the needs of the pregnant woman. The treatment aims to relax muscle tension, alleviates swelling and the feeling of heavy legs, helps to relax. Massage can also include the upper back, hands. Relaxation massage movements will firm the skin, regulate blood circulation and positively affect the feelings of the child. The treatment takes place in a safe position for a pregnant woman.
Duration: 55 minutes, price: 210 PLN


Packages of treatments for pregnant women:

Relaxing Package :

  • Massage of the pregnant women,
  • Gentle feet massage
  • Face massage with glass globes and natural oil

Duration: 100 min, price: 350 PLN



Beautifying Package :

  • Bath with rose petals for swollen feet,
  • Roses Garden the body ritual with peeling and massage
  • Regenerating Face Treatment with Snail Extract 55',
  • A relaxing hand massage,
  • Welness tea or fruit drink.

Duration: 3 hours, price: 550 PLN