Revitalization after Labour

Treatments that we recommend after pregnancy can improve the density and texture of the skin, minimize cellulite and stretch marks and help to return to the pre-pregnancy form.

We would like to highlight that all suggested treatments are performed with 100% natural products and they are safe for women who are breastfeeding.


Classic massage - recommended in the states of muscle tension, back pain and spine caused by fatigue and stress. Effectively supports the body, restores energy to work and relax.

Time: 55 minutes, price: 210 PLN


Feet massage with elements of reflexology - a nice way to unwind. Relaxation movements connected with the techniques on reflexology zones harmonize the flow of energy in the body. This massage is perfect for busy and tired moms.
Time: 25 minutes, price: 130 PLN


Modeling/ Anti-cellulite massage - this manual massage with some elements of Chinese buble massage firms the skin and promotes lymphatic drainage. Treatments made in series are reducing fat accumulated in the body during pregnancy.
Time: 25/55 minutes, price: 150/230 PLN