Hybrid Manicure /+ Hard  Time around:  90 min.; Price 130/150 PLN

Manicure Spa de Luxe (peeling, massage/mask, hybrid manicure) Time around:120 min.; Price 200 PLN

Biological Manicure /+ Conditioner  Time around: 40/50 min.; Price 80/100 PLN

Basic Manicure /+ Conditioner  Time around: 60 min.; Price 100/120 PLN

Japanese Manicure Time around: 70 min,; Price 130 PLN

Manicure for Men Time around: 60 min,; Price 100 PLN

Removal Hybrid/Gel Time around: 30 min,; Price 30/50 PLN


We kindly inform that we use disposable materials and sterilize tools in an autoclave.