Face Treatments



Vanilla Spa is the official ambassador of Bioline Jatò in Lesser Poland.


The price of a face treatment includes a session in the Sauna Zone and Bath (up to 30 minutes before the procedure).



In this treatment, we try to restore the natural water balance, giving the skin an instant glow and an intense feeling of freshness. Recommended for dehydrated, dull skin, lacking elasticity and rough to the touch. The heart of the line is an innovative "Intensive Moisturizing Complex" consisting of: 3D hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The addition of Jojoba oil and white tea extract has a beneficial effect on the skin with the first signs of aging. In the extended version of the special treatment, we treat the eye area with care.

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 280/330 (incl.treatment of the eye area)



The treatment is designed especially for greasy skin with excessive T-zone shininess, with enlarged pores and blackheads. The use of selected active ingredients, such as: extract from pink grapefruit, green clay and zinc oxide in nectar, cream and mask, which are applied during the procedure, is of key importance in the fight against skin impurities and imperfections. These components are designed to control the secretory activity of the glands, the spread of bacteria, reducing shine and visibly enlarged pores, giving the skin a fresh and consistent look. In the extended version of the special treatment, we treat the eye area with care.

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 280/330 (incl.treatment of the eye area)



Specially composed active ingredients, including black berry and currant extract, aloe vera, shea butter give an immediate relief effect of sensitive and prone skin redness. The treatment restores the balance of skin function, helping to reduce its hypersensitivity. Thanks to this, the skin remains extremely soft and bright. The effect of the treatment is to strengthen the resistance to external factors, reduce redness and restore the comfort and freshness of the skin. In the extended version of the special treatment, we treat the eye area with care.

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 280/330 (incl.treatment of the eye area)



The procedure combines hydrating action of biotechnological collagen, lipids perfectly compatible with the skin and natural oils from wheat germ and sweet almonds. Ingredients concentrated in the ampoule, mask and cream combined with the massage improve the density, vitality and elasticity of the skin, minimize facial wrinkles and rebuild damaged hydro-lipid barrier. The extended version looks also after also eye area, focusing on swelling, bruising and wrinkles.

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 280/330 (incl.treatment of the eye area)



The sequential exfoliation procedure with the use of PHA-AHA and AHA solves problems such as thickening, ageing, excessive pigmentation and impurities, and stimulates skin’s regeneration.  The effect is a deeply cleansed, exfoliated, smoothed, radiant and brightened complexion. The concentration of exfoliating fluids are individually selected.  The extended version looks also after eye area, focusing on swelling, bruising, wrinkles.

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 280/330 (incl.treatment of the eye area)



An extraordinary treatment with oxygenating, moisturizing and adding energy to the skin. Vitamins C + E, minerals, living water and molecules of pure oxygen, cleanse, lighten and energize even the most dull skin making it more uniform and harmonized. Thanks to this treatment, the skin will take a deep breath, the signs of fatigue will disappear, the skin will become radiant, revitalized and smooth. In the extended special version we look after the eye area.

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 290/340 (incl.treatment of the eye area)



A brightening and revitalizing treatment that regenerates and brightens the skin, improves its density and protects it against external factors thanks to three types of vitamin C. The procedure includes series of massages that increase the absorption of active ingredients, enhancing draining and detoxifying effects. The facial looks also after eye area, focusing on the main problems, such as swelling, bruising, wrinkles.

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 420



Natural beauty code – lifting and filling procedure. With the tightening complex, Antarctic algae extract, hyaluronic acid booster and filling polymers, you will see visible skin renewal, wrinkle filling and greater skin tension. The procedure ends with a lifting mask with collagen of natural origin. The modelling massage improves facial oval and its proportions. After the procedure the skin is not only tense but also hydrated and nourished – natural beauty without a scalpel.

Duration about: 75 min.; Price: PLN 470



The unique combination of 3 active ingredients (bioactive peptide, Undaria algae, tomato stem cells), a modern system of ion energy release and mosaic technology affects the unification of skin, smoothing wrinkles by restoring skin density and increasing protection against damage caused by time and external factors. The treatment is necessary for mature, tired and dull skin to awaken the vital skin code. This treatment is a treatment that acts directly on the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, loss of tension and elasticity to restore the skin's natural firmness and radiance.

Duration about: 75 min.; Price: PLN 510



A combination of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, snail extract (98.2%) and Jojoba Bio oil intensively nourishes and regenerates the skin. After the treatment the skin obtains smoothing, moisturizing and improving elasticity. The use of snail secretion in the treatment also works as an aid in wound healing, brightening scars and fight against acne. The extended treatment includes a biocellulose mask, an ampule, biocellulose patch put on your neck or cleavage, and draining cryomassage of eye area.

Duration: 25/55 min.; Price: PLN 150/280



A care treatment individually selected to the needs of the skin. The proposed treatments contain a combination of natural and vegan active ingredients along with cleansing, serum, mask or face massage. The aim of the treatments is to deal with specific problems and improve the appearance and condition of the skin.

  • Rejuvenating Treatment or
  • Treatment for Sensitive Skin or
  • Anti-Imperfection Treatment

Duration: 25/55 min.; Price: PLN 150/280



This unique and sophisticated combination of cryomassage, ultrasounds and lymphatic drainage of the eye area definitely improves skin firmness, at the same time reducing small wrinkles, bruising and swelling. The treatment includes also cooling gel under-eye patches with vitamins C and E, antioxidants, omega acids and nutrients of plant origin.

Duration: 45 min.; Price: PLN 190


For the following treatments, try a specialized ampoule:

► Extreme Firmness + - firming, rejuvenation - 109 PLN