Body Concept a firming and draining treatment

We do not stop looking for new solutions to successfully fight cellulite and loss of skin firmness.

Together with the BIOLINE Jato brand we help to get rid of this troublesome problem by offering a firming and draining treatment.

"BODY CONCEPT" This is a treatment containing excellent formulas that eliminate skin changes caused by cellulite, overweight, loss of firmness and edema. The first stage is a revitalizing salt scrub that smoothes, renews the body and adds shine to the skin. The next step is the application of marine drainage mud, which thanks to high osmotic capabilities and released active ingredients effectively minimizes "the orange peel". The culminating part of the treatment is a firming massage based on a more elastic oil. The combination of minerals from the Dead Sea, algae, escin, argan oil and ginkgo extract reduces the problem of water retention, cellulite visibility and provides the skin with softness and hydration. The effect is the renewal, drainage and firming of the body.

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