General information:

• Vanilla Spa is open daily from 11.00 to 20.00

• Vanilla Spa is a place where you can take a deep breath and relax. Please respect this principle and the rights of guests to rest - we ask you to keep the right tone of voice. 

In caring for your complete relaxation, we ask you to switch off or silence mobile phones and leave them in lockers in the dressing room.

• Health and safety are very important to us. Sauna and Bath Zone as well as the equipment used during treatments are disinfected and sterilized.

There is a textile zone in the entire Sauna and Bath Area as well as the Relax Area.

• Pregnant ladies who would like to take part in the package for women are required to present a medical certificate of no contraindication to participate in the procedures covered by the package.

• During a visit to Vanilla Spa, smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages are forbidden.



• We encourage you to book your preferred treatments and massages for a few hours before their scheduled date. To arrange a visit, please contact: tel.  48 (12) 297-40-04 Email: or via the form on the page:

In the absence of prior reservation, we can not guarantee you to perform the treatment


The Spa :

• Please give yourself 20-30 minutes, until you will be able to take full advantage of the shower and the benefits of saunas and baths before undergoing Spa. This will allow you to fully relax, warm up the muscles and prepare the body for further rituals

• It is your treatment, so we want to make you feel comfortable. Please give direct suggestions to our therapists regarding your preferences or concerns. This will allow the individual selecting the appropriate method to carry out the treatment, for example to adjust the force with massages or to focus on an area that requires more attention. If you have any questions or concerns about the treatment, you may at any time ask the Spa therapist to get explainations.

• After the treatment, it is worth spending a moment of relax in the Sauna and Bath Zone, so that you could gently back to the surrounding reality


In order to increase the effectiveness of spa treatments it is good to avoid sunbathing immediately before and after the treatment, to avoid large meals one hour prior to the treatment, to drink plenty of still water before and after the treatment.