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These sessions are adjusted to the individual needs and specific requirements of your skin. They improve its condition and make sure that it looks perfect. They combine the peeling and cleansing phase with the aplication of strong pure serum and "mask", which stimulates your skin to recover. It also helps to eliminate all treatment problems. The face massage, performed during the treatment, enhances the efficiency of the preparations. It is also very relaxing.


The Touch of the Earth – a cleansing session
This treatment is recommended to clients who complain about greasy skin, producing too much sebum. It provides instant cleansing, skin regeneration and reduction of sebum secretion – this will leave your skin clean and matt.
(Time: 60 minutes, Price: 190 PLN)

The Ginseng Energy – revitalising treatment
It is designed for mature skin; it relieves the feeling of tension, brightens up the skin, and smoothens wrinkles. The session eliminates the feeling of flabbiness and, thanks to the ginseng extract, significantly nourishes and regenerates your skin.
(Time: 60 minutes, Price: 190 PLN)

Blossoming Tree – treatment for sensitive skin
It is a truly fresh experience for sensitive skin with blood vessel-related problems. It reduces reddenings and other skin irritations on the face. The water excess is removed and the blood vessels are strengthened and insulated.
(Time: 60 minutes, Price: 190 PLN)

The Morning Secret – moisturising session
Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. Instantly quenches your skin's thirst and sustains the optimal moisture level for hours. Stimulates regeneration processes, nourishes and creates a protective barrier against skin drying.
(Time: 60 minutes, Price: 190 PLN)

Tea Garden - anti-aging treatment with white tea

The treatment is intended mainly for mature skin with visible signs of aging. The white tea mask is rich in antioxidants, it has anti-inflammatory properties and effectively stops the ageing process. It also seals the blood vessels and improves skin cell renewal, so that it becomes more elastic and toned.

(Time: 60 minutes, Price: 190 PLN)

Honey Temptation - moisturizing treatment with hyaluronic acid - The Golden Line of Beauty

The treatment is based on the beneficial effect of honey and deep-moisturizing hyaluronic acid. It gives an immediate effect of skin hydration. The formula, rich in active ingredients, immediately restores skin comfort, nourishes and shallows wrinkles caused by dehydration. The active ingredients included in honey, supply the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, and make your skin soft and shining.

(Time:  60 minutes, Price: 200 PLN)

Golden tone up – a toning up experience - The Golden Line of Beauty
A Golden Line treatment, designed for mature skin type. It fights wrinkles and delays ageing processes. It is an intensive tone-up session – it enhances the production of the collagen fibres, which brings back the elasticity and softness to your skin.
(Time: 60 minutes, Price: 200 PLN)

The Treasure of the Nature – remineralising treatment - The Golden Line of Beauty
Another Golden Line offer for mature skin. It is a remineralising treatment, aimed at sallow, tired skin, deprived of brilliance. Our mixture of oligoelements dynamizes your skin and brings back its healthy, glamourous look.
(Time: 60 minutes, Price: 200 PLN)

Instant Youthening Treatment - The Golden Line of Beauty
Immediate youthening session for mature skin. Significantly smoothens wrinkles caused by the the lack of water. Strikingly regenerates your skin, brings back the flexibility, light, vitality, and energy. A short, but very efficient session.
(Time: 30 minutes, Price: 120 PLN)

Super-Fast Cleansing Session (hypoalergic)
A complex cleansing treatment for sensitive skin types. Removes dirt with the use of exfoliating enzymes, brightens and smoothens the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant.
(Time: 30 minutes, Price: 110 PLN)


Each specialist treatment is unique. The original and exclusive rituals ensure efficient outcomes and also guarantee visible and lasting effects. They are all based on the specialist hand massage, designed by the best spa & wellness experts. During these multi-sensorical sessions we will take you on a wonderful trip to the world of beauty and well-being.

Anti-Flush Treatment
Heaven for the most delicate types of skin. We alwyas take into consideration the irritation proneness of the sensitive skin types. That is why the make-up removal is performed without water, and the peeling session includes jojoba, which is sprinkled on your face when the cream is absorbed. Your skin is moisturised, soft and delicate. Our innovative hydrogel mask does not require the presence of water. A series of treatments makes the vessel walls flexible, so they are less likely to crack.
(Time: 75 minutes, Price: 310 PLN)

Vitamin-C Toning-up Therapy - The Golden Line of Beauty
An exclusive toning-up session, recommended to people over 30. Our programme shapes face, prevents your skin from flabbiness and stretches it, giving a temporary lifting impression. The treatment tones up your skin and deeply rebuilds it. It also enhances the production of collagen and elastin. This treatment features liofilised herbal extracts, in the forms of petals, which are put onto your skin and mixed with the concentrate. Yout skin regains elasticity thanks to vitamin-C, which is a strong antioxidant.
(Time: 75 minutes, Price: 330 PLN)

Collagen Mask Treatment - The Golden Line of Beauty
A true youth boost to your skin. Smoothens wrinkles and stretches your skin, providing a feeling of lifting. Provides deep moisturising, smoothening and ligthening of your skin. This unique treatment gives spectacular results even after the first session. The effects are visible many weeks after the end of the treatment. We especially recommend to take it before the most important moments of your life.
(Time: 80 minutes, Price:  330 PLN)

BORELAX: the Mimic Wrinkles Removal - The Golden Line of Beauty
An outstanding treatment for mature skin – it significantly reduces mimic wrinkles and prevents their formation. All this is possible thanks to the Borelax formula, which smoothens facial expression and prevents skin wrinkling. A modelling gel with biopolymer is also used in the therapy. The results – your face looks better, your skin is more smooth and satin-like soft, wrinkles are levelled, and you are fully relaxed.
(Time: 90 minutes, Price: 360 PLN)



Anti-Wrinkles Sensitive Eye Area Treatment
Perfect moisturising session with anti-wrinkle massage with brushes It reduces wrinkles and lines. The eyeline is stretched, and your skin is smoothened.
(Time: 30 minutes,  Price: 150 PLN)

Swollen Eyelid Treatment
Cures swollen eyelids and relieves your tired eyes. The aim is to refresh and brighten the dark spots. The skin is smoothened, but not slackened. Relaxing massages with brushes improves the condition of the delicate skin around the eyes.
(Time: 30 minutes, Price: 150 PLN)