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Each PHYTOMER face treatment begins with a relaxation stage. Its purpose is to chill you out and and make you relax as much as possible. This phase welcomes you with touch and scents – the cosmetician releases sea mist and begins inhalation with relaxing serum. In our exlusive, longer versions of the treatment, the relaxation stage is followed by a back massage. After the massage, we put effervescing sea mud under your back – it detoxicates your skin. We perform face treatments in two time versions (60 min, 85 min.). The session is finished with a remineralising oligomer drink or wellness tea.




Sea Pearl Ritual – moisturising treatment
Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. Brings back elasticity, moisturises and nourishes. The key stage of the treatment is the pleasant sea salt and algae face massage. The nourishing red algae and the 'sea pearls' moisturise your skin during the massage.
(Time:  60/80 minutes,  Price: 230/280 PLN)

Cleansing Light – cleansing treatment
Perfect for mixed or greasy skin type that causes problems. Cleanses and absorbs sebum excess without making your skin dry. Gives oxygen to your skin and prevents it from glimmering. It also narrows the pores. Your skin will remain fresh and radiant.
(Time:  60/80 minutes,  Price: 230/280 PLN)

Anti-Age Expert – rejuvenation treatment
A lifting session for mature skin. Enhances chronobiological rhythm of your skin so that it can protect itself more efficiently from factors that precipitate skin ageing. The treatment also stimulates regeneration processes, tones up your skin and smoothens wrinkles. It removes signs of fatigue and brings back the radiant and healthy look to your skin.
(Time:  60/80minutes,  Price: 240/290 PLN)



Express treatments tailored to the individual skin needs. With properly chosen mask of beauty, in a short time, restore skin balance and natural beauty.

Express Hydration (Time: 30 minutes, Price: 120 PLN)

Express Rejuvenation (Time: 30 minutes, Price: 120 PLN)

Express Purification (Time: 30 minutes, Price: 120 PLN)

Express Oxygenation (Time: 30 minutes, Price: 120 PLN)


Eye Area Embellishing Treatment
It is a complex treatment for the eye area: it brightens up shadows, cures puffiness and smoothens wrkinles and crow's feet. It also reduces congestion. Oligomer, one of the main ingredients used for the therapy, gives your skin optimal amounts of trace elements, strengthens it, and stimulates the cell regeneration processes. Eye treatment can be combined with other sessions.
(Time:  30 minutes,  Price: 120 PLN)


Pionnier XMF – perfect rejuvenating treatment: Face - Lips – Décollet - New!

Reveal your inner youth with this original facial treatment using innovative ingredients and exceptional treatment techniques for instant visible results. With its two new professional masks and its unique resurfacing lotion, this treatment reaches the height of biotechnological performance and restores the skin's youthfulness, softness and luminosity. The specific face massage completes the action of the products and heightens relaxation. A 100% natural biotechnological ingredient, smoothing and densifying. Applied to the skin surface, XMF creates an invisible natural film that instantly smoothes the appearance of wrinkles: lines on the skin seem to disappear after 1 hour. It also acts inside the skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It helps add tension to these fibers for a denser and firmer skin mattress: the skin is firmed and tautened, like after a facelift. The skin is smoother and firmer. It glows with new radiance.

(Time: 60 minutes, Price: